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Can you help us?
Every voluntary organisation relies on drawing upon the time of its supporters.
Whilst we have an excellent team currently, we are always looking to strengthen it so as to cover holidays, sickness and retirement.
There are several interesting and rewarding roles you could help us with. For example, we sometimes need drivers, telephonists and coordinators.

Our drivers carry out mostly local trips but journeys can range between Chichester and Brighton. Drivers use their own cars (no special insurance required) and receive a mileage allowance.

We have a team of home-based volunteers who fill a 2 hour shift as duty telephonist on any particular day. There are 5 duties each week with the line being open for 2 hours each day, Monday to Friday.

Each telephonist is expected to to carry out a two hour duty, once every fortnight.

Using our FoF telephone, the duty telephonist will accept calls from clients requesting transport to reach their medical appointments, and then contact drivers to fill the request.

This team ensures the telephone and register are collected and then taken to the home of following day's duty telephonist.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of these roles please call
 01903 415791